Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life Week 1–1/1-1/7

We are already a week into 2012, which means I have completed my first week of Project Life.  So far, I love it!  It truly simplifies scrapbooking and makes it easy to record the events of the week, which I am really happy about.

I am doing a weekly layout approach to PL, and I imagine that I will have at least 2 pages per week (most weeks, I am sure, I will go beyond 2 pages).  This week I had 4 pages..and we didn’t even do anything all that exciting!

Page one- I included a palette that I made using my PL Clementine Core Kit colors to symbolize the start of this project, a Facebook status from New Year’s Day that details my resolutions/goals for the year, a photo of Adison’s favorite game from her iPod (a Christmas gift) and 2 photos of Adison.  I also have a little bit of journaling included, and some papers from my core kit to fill in the blanks.  I didn’t do much extra embellishing, other than rounding my corners and a brad to attach the bottom left photo.


Page 2 – this is actually a 12x10 page that I sandwiched in the middle of my weekly layout. I love that the page is smaller, it allows me to add extra pictures & journaling but still be able to see the full week at a glance.  Adison was painting on this particular day and just one picture wasn’t enough for me!


Page 3 – This is actually a continuation of the same day as page 2.  Adison was cracking me up, she took feather embellished pens and stuck them in one of my manger pieces and bestowed upon me a bouquet!  I had to include it in my PL!


Page 4- More every day life.  Adison lounging on the couch and Ferguson blocking my shot.  A couch full of toys.  Dinner.  Adison displaying a game we played that night.   I never would have thought to document these things before…sure I’ve always taken the pictures, but I don’t DO anything with them.  Did I mention that I love Project Life?


I’ll be posting my PL pages each week- I may not go into as much detail, but I do want to share my pages and will likely do at least a weekly wrap up!

So..week one wrap up! 

What I love:

It’s SO easy to use this system.  Everything is right there in a box, so there is no guess work. 

I love rounded corners too! 

Fine point sharpies <3

What I might change:

When time permits, I would love to get more into the design aspect.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that I don’t *have* to even think and it still looks pretty, but I do plan to use more embellishments and cut up my own papers as well, at least for some layouts!

I need a new corner rounding method – I am using a Fiskars punch, and it’s fine…but it gets all clogged with paper bits and I don’t love that! 


Thanks for reading- if you are doing PL yourself, please comment, I would love to check out some other layouts!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adison’s birthday invitation

I love playing in Photoshop, so one thing I do each year is make Adison’s birthday invitation. I love that I can personalize each detail of the invite, from photos of her, to coordinating backgrounds, and even fonts that go with the theme.

In May 2011 we took a family vacation to Disney World and we fell in L-O-V-E with all things Disney, so naturally when Halloween rolled around, a Minnie Mouse costume had to be whipped up (I admit,I didn’t make the dress – thanks to Gymboree for that one! But I did construct the ears, bow & of course the bright yellow shoe covers!).  Now that her birthday is around the corner (*sniff* my baby is almost FOUR!), I took advantage of our Halloween pictures and put together this Minnie Mouse themed invitation! 


Then, I went ahead and made a little Mouse Palette as well…why not right? It only takes a few seconds to make these- I love a quick little project like that!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Life Clementine Palette

I made this for my own use, just thought it might be helpful to everyone else using the Project Life Core Kit - Clementine Edition!
I am going to print mine out and stick it in my wallet so I have it handy when I’m scouring Joann for cute papers!
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