Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So I made some crayons...

My daughter's birthday is January 21,and so naturally I am already planning some of the details of her birthday party.
We will be doing a Yo Gabba Gabba theme, and I hope to accomplish a lot of the decorations, games, etc with DIY projects rather than going all store bought.  I have been researching the fine art of pinata making!  Also a good friend did her invites for the 1st bday, and I plan to have her work some photoshop magic again for this coming year as well. 
Today's project was just a rough draft, I was working on a party favor...homemade / repurposed crayons.

I used a silicone cupcake pan, this one was from Target's cheapo section in the front of the store and has snowflake shaped cups! Super cute to add to a child's holiday gift, but I am hoping to find something less seasonal when it comes time to do her actual favors (possibly a star, but open to suggestions).

Preheat your oven to 275.

Peel the crayons' paper wrappers off and discard. 

"Grease" the muffin cups..I used vegetable oil, but I have read that you can use nonstick cooking spray as well.  I would imagine the result would be the same, so just use what you have on hand!

Break the crayons into small pieces and put into muffin cups. I used 4 crayons per cup, however the finished product did come out a little thinner than I would like, so next time I am going to double the amount per cup.

Next pop the pan in the oven!  I always put my silicone bakeware on a metal cooking sheet to give it more stability, I think that is especially important for this project as you do not want melted wax flying all over you (or your kitchen) when you take out the wobbly muffin pan.

I baked my crayons for 8 minutes and then checked them and stirred the wax a big with a toothpick.  At 8 minutes, the wax was still lumpy but softening.  I then checked every couple minutes stirring out the lumps until the wax was completely smooth/liquid.  The entire baking process took less than 15 minutes, but your time may vary due to oven performance, so be sure to check often as you do not want to fill your home with the smell of burning crayons!

As you can see, the wax has liquified and they don't look too appealing in liquid form!  Don't think you have ruined your crayons, they look much different on the other side!

Let cool completely!!!! I cannot stress this one enough. I tried to remove one crayon too early and it did crumble.  Crayons should be solid, obviously, and cool to the touch before you attempt to remove them from the pan.

Carefully remove each crayon from the mold one at a time.  With a simple muffin pan you will probably be able to work more quickly, with this snowflake shape I did have to take more care as the pattern is more intricate.

Enjoy your finished product! (here's mine)

Any questions, please feel free to comment.  If anyone makes their own crayons, I would love to get a peek at them!

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