Wednesday, June 30, 2010

diy sticker book

So I found a tutorial for this adorable little sticker book on Samster Mommy.  I have been searching high and low for the perfect sticker book for Adison. She has a few little books that came with stickers, and they are great for what they are, but I wanted something with plain pages that she can place and replace her stickers over and over, and my search was getting way too long and way too fruitless for my taste.

The tutorial was easy to follow, and while my book did not turn out quite as neat & professionally done as I had hoped, I have to remind myself that a 2 year old does not care about even edging or pesky bits of dried hot glue.

I won't rehash the entire tutorial, which you can find right here, but I will say that I did follow the scrapbook paper tip.  I chose to use very bright & vivid patterned paper, which is nice because you can see it a little peeking through the freezer paper.  Instead of spray adhesive, I used plain white glue mixed with a teeny bit of water (just enough to make it a paint consistency) and then painted it on evenly with a small brush.

Here are my results:
See the little Hello Kitty sticker on the front cover?  Scored those in a 90% off package of valentines at Target this year....yup, 29 cents for a couple hundred stickers!