Saturday, June 26, 2010

Horsing around

We have done lots in the past 2 days, and hopefully the time won't slip away and I will be able to add some pictures from our activities, but for now...a craft!
I have been totally inspired by lately.  She makes these really amazing boxes for her kids to play with...each one with a different them (school, farm, construction, etc).  Adison has been really into playing with this little horse figurines the past few days, so I thought it was the perfect time to make her a little play area for her horses to stomp around.

Here is Adison playing with her horses

My supplies...admittedly, I didn't start taking pictures until after I was all finished, so these are my supplies remnants!
I used:
Diaper box
Knife, scissors, & a paper cutter (you can use any or all of them, or an exacto knife)
Scrap booking papers
Scotch scrapbooking glue
Crayola washable kids paint in red & brown (it really washes out with just water, we swear by it!)
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Cut drinking straws

I just cut my diaper box up until it was the shape I wanted, measured and cut the papers to fit the inside of the diaper box, glued the papers in, created a little barn with cardboard scraps and drinking straws (I cut them to size and glued them in place to act as braces holding the walls and roof together). 

All in all, I just used what I had around the house to make this sweet little land for our horses to roam. 


  1. Great idea, thanks for sharing. :}

  2. Great Job -- I love it!! Thanks for reading and sharing your fun ideas.

    pink and green mama

  3. WOW, I'll bet Adison loves it!! Good job Merideth.

  4. so cute! You make want to try something like that :)

  5. Thanks! And you should go for it! It was really pretty simple and Adison loves it. We are going to do a dinosaur theme next, but Mike will be in charge of making a wooden base, then I'll make the land with paper mache! If you make one, I want to see how it comes out!