Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July part 2...fireworks!  Adison, Mike & I went over to Mike's work, where you can see Albany's fireworks over the river...I had forgotten that the display is obstructed by a building in the Plaza :(
I was so disappointed  when I was taking the pictures, but after a little editing and cropping, I am semi decently pleased with the results...I think for a first try, some are not half bad.
See the black rectangle? Yup, that's the offensive building!

Next we have this beauty....just some exposure adjustment (it was still really light out, so I had to adjust the exposure on all of these pretty heavily to darken them up and give them a night feeling!)

Which I then edited into this:  Not perfect, but I like it a lot better than the original at least!  Goodbye pesky building!

Some more...hate the crop on this, but I was not feeling the black rectangle yet again!

 This one totally turned out like a creepy bug!

My favorite of the night!


  1. your firework pictures are amazing!!!

    our fireworks got postponed until tonight- and of course I'll be working :(

  2. Thanks guys!
    Jami...that means a lot coming from you because you are really skilled w/ your camera and editing! Thank you both :)