Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sugar Scrub DIY

So I was sitting here alternately brainstorming crafty projects and getting annoyed with dry skin on my hands, when it came to me...a project that would eliminate dry skin! :lightbulb:

So off to the kitchen I went in search of ingredients. I came up with a tiny bit of sugar, a bottle of olive oil and some peppermint oil. Planning ahead is obviously not my strong suit! I made do with what I had, which turned out to be less than 1/3 cup of sugar.  I now realize you can't even see the sugar in my supplies picture, but just trust that it's in the measuring cup!

The directions are quite complex, so pay close attention: dump the sugar & oil in a bowl and mix.
That's right, you just blend until moist. Now with my 2/3 full 1/3 cup of sugar I added about 3 tsp of olive oil (which by the way, you can substitute almond oil if you want). If you are making a larger batch, you will want to adjust the amount of oil accordingly. 

After I mixed in my oil, I added a couple drops of peppermint oil.  Again, you can substitute different essential oils depending on what scents you like.  I love the peppermint, it's invigorating and will be a great wake up in the morning. For a night time shower or bath, you might want to try lavender or vanilla.  The possibilities are pretty much endless. 

As for storage, with my little bit I made here, I just threw it in a will be used up pretty quickly. If you are making a larger batch, make sure you store it in a sealed container (a glass jar will work nicely).  The scrub will last a couple months, after which point you will want to dispose of it (the oil will eventually spoil), but until that point, you can store your jar of scrub in the bathroom, no need to refrigerate.

Here's my finished product.  I think next I'll work on a decorative jar for storage to hold my next batch(adding sugar to the grocery list!).

I'd love to hear what essential oil combination anyone else decides to use!


  1. Could you also use it as a face exfoliator? I will give it a try later tonight. Thanks for the tip! ;)

  2. Definitely, it works for a natural all over face/body scrub!

  3. Hi Merideth -- very cool -- thanks for recipe.

    I'm stopping by and following from the Making Friends Mondays -- for some reason could not leave a comment on your first post!

    Looking forward to seeing more crafty projects, as I'm a crafty-person wanna-be. :D


  4. Hi again -- had to stop back after reading your comment n my blog about being craft-deficient! EEK -- I do the same thing -- I always joke that I spend more time shopping for craft items and PLANNING my crafts than I actually do making anything. So funny! I guess we keep the craft stores in business. thanks for following back!